Tel Aviv voters mull choice in Israel’s election

(2 Mar 2020) Israelis were voting Monday in the country’s unprecedented third election in less than a year, to decide whether long-time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays in power despite his upcoming criminal trial on corruption charges.
Netanyahu, the longest serving leader in Israeli history, has been the caretaker prime minister for more than a year as a divided Israel has weathered two inconclusive elections.
Voters in the beach city of Tel Aviv voiced their opinions amid the prolonged political paralysis.
With opinion polls forecasting another deadlock, Netanyahu is seeking a late surge in support to score a parliamentary majority along with other nationalist parties that will deliver him a fourth consecutive term in office, and fifth overall.
He faces a stiff challenge once again from retired military chief Benny Gantz from the centrist Blue and White party.
Both parties appear unable to form a coalition with their traditional allies.
Polling stations opened across the country at 7 a.m. Monday with exit polls expected at the end of the voting day at 10 p.m. (20:00 GMT)
Official results are projected to come in overnight.

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