Hatim Episode 4

Hatim Awais
Hatim is an Indian television series that aired on Star Plus plus from 26 December 2003 to 12 November 2004. It has elements of fantasy. It was started by director Amrit Sagar, based on Hatim al-Tai.[2]
The story is set in the Middle East around the Middle Ages. The story starts with the birth of the emperor of Yemen’s son who is named Hatim, of whom is said that he will spread the message of peace and good. At the same time the son of the emperor of Jaffar is born, but due to black magic done by palace resident Najumi, it is said that the baby will be the greatest ever known servant of the evil spirits. The emperor of Jaffar then decides that it is better for the world that the baby is killed. The king orders that the baby’s heart be burned; his man Najumi, who secretly serves the evil spirits, burns the heart of a rabbit instead and shows it to the emperor, leaving the emperor believing that the baby is dead. Najumi names the baby Dajjal and teaches him all about the dark arts. Twenty years pass, Hatim grows up into a kind-hearted, benevolent and beloved prince of Yemen, whereas in Jaffar, Dajjal deposes and kills his parents and becomes the emperor of Jaffar. He creates an eternal fire on the top tower of his palace that grants him dark powers. Najumi explains to him that to become the supreme lord of the world he would have to capture the forces of good which he can do by marrying Sunena, the princess of Durgapur, who is goodness personified. However, she has to decide to marry Dajjal on her own and shouldn’t be married by not by force. Dajjal arrives at Durgapur to ask the hand of Sunena, but she refuses. In the middle of the conflict where Dajjal threatens, Sunena’s teenage brother Suraj takes out his sword and slices of Dajjal’s hand; but it heals. Dajjal turns him into a stone statue and tells Sunena that only he can return her brother normal, but he will do so only if she is ready to marry him. He gives her a time-limit of seven months after which the curse will become permanent.

In Yemen, Hatim’s marriage is fixed with Jasmin the princess of Paristan (Fairyland). Hatim and Jasmin fall for each other in their very first meeting. Their wedding arrangements are ready but abruptly, Sunena’s lover, Prince Vishal of Janakpur, comes disguised as a beggar, pleading with Hatim to help him fight Dajjal. The emperor of Yemen, Hatim, the emperor of Paristan, and Vishal meet together. The emperor of Paristan reveals that when Paristan was created by the forces of good, a prophecy was made that an evil lord will control this world as long as the angel of good doesn’t intervene. Hatim must solve seven questions, to eliminate the power being given by dark forces to Dajjal, and for this purpose he must set off on a journey to distant lands and fantasy. The emperor gives Hatim a magical sword Name – Jwestrongil. Jasmin lends Hatim her childhood friend and server, Hobo, a fat elf as his bodyguard. Slowly all of Dajjal’s powers and magical towers get destroyed as Hatim solves the questions. After solving the sixth question, there isn’t enough time left to solve the seventh question and the armies of Yemen, Paristan, Durgapur and Janakpur descend on Jaffar for the final battle. As they fight a futile battle against Dajjal’s zombie armie, Hatim invades the castle and fights Dajjal to death. They both die simultaneously but Hatim defeats death finding the answer to the seventh question.


Epilogue – Ep 1
Q1 Ek baar dekha hai baar baar dekhne ki hawas hai – Ep 2-7

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