19 Deaths USA, Over 10 Million In Quarantine In Italy

27 Deaths In 30 Minutes –
Italy is set to lock down at least 10 million people in the region of Lombardy and 11 provinces in the north and the east of the country.
The mandatory quarantine will last until early April.
The dramatic escalation in the country’s efforts to contain the new deadly coronavirus will close gyms, pools, museums and ski resorts.
Italy is Europe’s worst hit-country and reported a steep rise in virus infections on Saturday.
The new measures could take effect as early as Sunday and will last until 3 April.
The death toll in Italy has passed 230, with officials reporting more than 50 deaths in 24 hours. The number of confirmed cases jumped by more than 1,200 to 5,883 on Saturday.
The measures published in a draft government decree were obtained by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
They are set to be signed in the coming hours, reports the BBC’s Mark Lowen.
The whole northern region of Lombardy, home to 10 million people and Italy’s financial centre Milan, will be closed off except to emergency access, and 11 provinces including Venice, Parma and Modena will be affected.
Governor Laura Kelly has confirmed the first positive case of coronavirus in Kansas.
During a press conference Saturday, Kelly said a woman in Johnson County, under 50 years old, tested positive in early March.
Health officials say she may have contracted the virus in an area in the northeast part of the U.S, but could not say if she contracted it from another person with the virus. They believe that she did not travel outside of the country.
There are 437 cases of coronavirus in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local governments.
Coronavirus in Belgium: 60 new cases were identified this Saturday
The FPS Public Health has identified 169 cases in all in Belgium.
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Patient zero identified. Four more Slovaks among cases confirmed in Austria.
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No reason to close schools or block flights, minister says
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Paraguayan Ministry of Health has not yet given details about the infected person. The country had suspended visas for Chinese people because of the outbreak of the disease.
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