👉This is How Qatar Became The Richest Country in The World

This is How Qatar Became The Richest Country in The World
Since 2017 Qatar has been subject to a boycott by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt; The so-called Arab Quartet.
Creating a deep rift in a region already beset by civil wars and insurgencies. Two years into the blockade and Qatar is stronger and more resilient than ever.

Qatar has demonstrated an impressive ability to turn the crisis into an opportunity in terms of improving food security, social cohesion, and economic sustainability.
Including adapting fiscal policies that helped its currency weather the blockade. However, a much less recognized geopolitical silver lining is that the crisis has inadvertently helped Qatar keep out of some of the most damaging policies in the Middle East and, in this way, has paved the way for the country to make a regional comeback. Qatar was happy to be out of Yemen. Firstly, as soon as the blockade started, Qatar was thrown out of the alliance waging war in Yemen, which the Qataris joined reluctantly, largely to please the Saudis.
Another year of war in Yemen has only involved more death and misery, with Saudi’s other blockade bringing the country with its 28 million people to a massive humanitarian catastrophe. Serendipitously, Qatar was extricated from the negative reputational fallout suffered by Saudi and the UAE.
This was Doha’s first strategic win in the eyes of a global media and civil society increasingly alarmed at the horrors unfolding in Yemen. Moreover, with cracks rapidly developing in the Saudi/UAE alliance as a result of having diverging designs for Yemen’s future, Qatar has come out as a more trustworthy party that harbors no preconceived ideas about Yemen’s territorial integrity.

In 2018 Saudi Arabia announced the Salwa Canal Project – a plan to build a 200m-wide, 70km-long canal along their border with Qatar. This will turn Qatar into an island.

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The International Monetary Fund says Qatar’s economy is expected to grow despite the Gulf nation being under an economic blockade for two years now.

Qatar is the richest country in terms of GDP per capita compared with Dubai .
In the UAE, they understood early that they couldn’t rely solely on oil and gas, so they invested in creating an image of where East meets West, a place for business and tourism.
In order to do that, Dubai sold its soul a bit, becoming known as a party destination where girls can wear skimpy clothes, and boozy brunches are the norm.
In Qatar, they still rely almost completely on oil and gas. They stick pretty closely to their conservative Islamic roots, so there is very little going on in terms of a social scene and little for tourists to see and do.
They also lag behind in terms of infrastructure. It is very little in terms of public transport.
The World Cup is an attempt to change their image, but with all the controversy around it, it’s not going well.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums and infrastructure are being built by Nepalese immigrants employed in Qatar’s construction industry who work for little or no pay.

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